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The Milion Pixel, Mumbai- Andheri based digital marketing company, takes a strategic, data-driven and user-focused approach to digital marketing, ensuring your marketing speaks to the right audience and is tailored to deliver the results you need.

Our main aim is to keep brand, product or services intact while giving the user an ultimate experience of cutting- edge technology, our only objective is creating solutions that offer maximum output at a minimum cost ; we as a digital marketing service company can also assure your accommodation into a vibrant and friendly environment which again reflects our glory work culture which gives an excuse to brag about the true brick and mortar at our media and development team.

Finding a digital marketing partner that knows your business priorities thoroughly helps you to concentrate on key objectives, with the peace of mind you ‘re in safe hands.

Perhaps you are trying to increase the popularity of your website in search, boost customer experience through social media and email or more generally, you would like to increase the revenue generated by your website, you are at a right place


Cost Effectiveness

Cost effective analysis and financial viability extends the customer’s benefits and leads to an optimal deliverable solutions.


We are so confident in our ability to accurately meeting all requirements is the key to our motto “what you need is what you get”.


Our goal of reliability theory is to estimate errors in measurement and to suggest ways of improving tests so that errors are minimized

Resource Optimization

Optimizing resources to get the best of out what we have. We find ways to improve profitability levels, streamline costs and eliminating waste.

Delivering promises

Delivering promises is our mission and enduring by service level agreement is what we call integrity. We always perform our commitment to client.

Unique Concept

Our unique concept building personalized attention throughout the planning process and end-to-end planning for developing a mature project.

Security & Confidence

We include in our effort strategy two things information security and make confident to client is the bottom line for all client relationships.

Customer Support

Our customer care is committed to present best-in-class service and support through world class technology and response mechanism.


We provide opportunity for feedback interaction to every customer. Avoid the trap of “we don’t want to bother our customers.” If our customers are busy, they will politely decline.
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Who We Are

We’re Mumbai, India based web Development and Design company, providing fresh, creative and Extra-ordinary digital services to businesses who aims to grow up online. while Focusing on the final results, we use our technical expertise and industry approaching to help you meet your digital goals. Connect to us for your project to get in progress with best company in Mumbai, India.

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