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Why should you digitalize your company?

In this quickly emerging adaptability, most brains are arising their common interest in digitalizing each bit of their life. Some create history and some are contemplated.

Eliminate the traditional media approach. Let’s be honest here. Traditional media is time-consuming and covers a lot of the company’s resources. So, to develop its nature. Do try eliminating the traditional outlook such as accounting drafts, expense files, meetings, letters, etc. And smartly refurbish it by upgrading your company on the internet to grab the attention of huge masses in one go. Adaptability such as creating a website, Online cards, transforming the entertainment genre to social media, prefer a graphically updated makeover and vitalize it.
Upgrade your marketing strategies. A world without marketing is no business success story dilemma! Digital marketing to be precise is so much better than traditional media. One of the thousand reasons is that it is not time-consuming everything is just one click away. Following that point, it mainly emphasizes the maximization of your resources and provides you with profits and mental peace. Now basically how? Transfer your approach towards marketing from traditional media to digital media. With developing an app or website and branding digitally through social media such as Facebook Instagram Twitter and many more. Re-vitalize your journey and spread it through blogs and articles. For millions of
Stay connected. The utmost basic idea to digitalize your company is to stay connected with this quickly and progressively emerging society. So that your company doesn’t fall off in this rat race and give a tough one to its competitors while updating its policies and outlook. If you develop a website and adapt it to mobile devices, you’ll reach out to a very important fraction of your target audience. More and more people are using their smartphones for browsing and shopping nowadays. Many have forgotten that computers ever existed.
It’s Time to Move Forward Do you still rely on paper documentation? Are all your employees in the office? You don’t have a nice website that showcases your products and services to a wider audience? It’s time to change those things. No matter how much you oppose business digitization, it’s there. All your competitors rely on it, and they move ahead thanks to it. Thanks to technology, you can downsize the expenses while expanding the reach beyond the local level. You’ll improve the productivity and performance of your customer support team. You can hire remote workers, who will work for more affordable prices without affecting the efficiency at all. Long story short, all businesses thrive on modern technology.

How to develop a firm method to stay in the corporate game?

A company's nature is developed on the terms of their unique approach towards the market. Development in the right direction is as important as development

through money. Here are some methods to evolve your company: - Approach the unexpected. When you follow what your competitors do, you basically falling of the position at the very initial stage. Horizontal progress means the progress that is experienced by every other skin. Whereas vertical or intensive progress is something indicates creating something which is yet to be fulfilled and is in great demand. It is difficult to imagine because it requires doing something nobody else has ever done.But the approach matters.
Enhance Direction. Every organization or even a cottage industry reaches reach only when they know their strategic direction. To upgrade your sense of marketing or broad visibility you need to open the space for greater knowledge. Develop your skills by reading blogs, performing brainstorming session with your team, drive your attention towards major entrepreneurship ideas and set a strategic direction for your company.
Horizontal hierarchy Maintain a healthy competition among team members which will automatically result in greater communication skills which will then lead to elimination of resources which are of no use. This exact method sums up to horizontal hierarchy which definitely provides you with greater employee autonomy. Where managers have a wide span of control with more subordinates, and there is usually a short chain of command.
Estimate Numbers. One thing that can never go wrong is numbers. Plan and evaluate the practicality of your ideas and strategies that you seek to uphold. And whether it is worth your time and implementation procedure or not. Which in return provide you with relevant business reach and drive you towards the exact and estimated numbers.

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Am I better off buying a franchise or starting a new company?
When the thought arrives into the mindset of general public the majority elevates towards selling the assets and for better development of a business , most believe

it under a franchise or last case scenario join family business for that matter. Well guess what we can rewrite the plan for the world. All the aspects in creating a new business needs high capital fund and higher risk involvement. But what if I tell you, building a business that no one expected can last for decades because it is revolutionary. You can get it returns at the age of 80.
For that utmost security, the dependability on globalization business nature can diversify the returns but the one with originality in corporate pathway will only be successes through new and innovative thought process.
Let me make this clear by giving you a renowned example. You might have come across many airlines which is suitable for every target audience and niche market. But there is no competition for Google So, in comparison scenario, Google bought about $50 Billion in 2012 but it kept 21% of those revenues as profits more than 100 times the airline industry's profit margin that year The point is the airlines compete with each other, but google stands alone. A monopoly like google is different. Since it doesn’t have to worry about competition with anyone, it has wider latitude to care about its workers its product and its impact on the wider world. So, if provided with right seed of creativity and uniqueness into the nature of your business then it will surely the estimated heights.
The significant factor in terms of creating or building a business is availability of resources. Resources that also provide you with future returns too. Capital raising has different aspects for gaining huge for staters. You can either opt for huge investment or raise fund through banking. But the important factor is not only to gain the currency but to utilise it to its utmost.

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Top 5 start-ups ideas that flourished in India. ?
1.Urban Company

When the thought arrives into the mindset of general public the majority elevates towards selling the assets and for better development of a business , most believe

Have you ever heard of an availability for traditional service expertise through a digitally operated handle no, right? Until Uberclap. Launched in Delhi 2014, UrbanClap is the fastest growing start-up with its inevitable and innovative social-based technique wherein, they decided to go beyond India and developed a firm position in 4 countries [Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney and Singapore] after serving 18 cities in India. Now why did I termed it as social-based technology, The synopsis to that is that they engaged into large section of mass, searched the common ask and urge, found a one-stop solution and sold it. We often find ourself in need for household assistance and we always navigate it in different eye look scenario. .
I'll make simpler for you to understand, hypothetically you have a leakage issue and a flickering light and you have an important meeting in an hour or so. UrbanClap have one stop solution for different problems. One call equal to solutions in no time. This marketing strategy catches the speed.


An idea that drives passengers and curiosity at the same time. Ola a multinational ridesharing company, headquartered in Bangalore has its own inspiring journey. It was a collective prodigy where their solution was simply introducing a technology that bridge the gap and connected the cab owners with the commuters with the help of the internet, telephone or a mobile phone ad. Here the adaptive theory is easy to communicate and regional as well as broad reach. With an upgrading outfit the live location and GPS system in the car itself developed a seed of trust and engagement at the same time. Most prominent idea that they uphold was they thought of appointing drivers with a criteria-based agreement and provided its facilities. Elaboration to the followed line, they developed a huge CRM by developing pan India travelling network. Main goal explained in a very subtle manner, they introduced ola rice a one step forward tech-based facility with respect to regionality and flexibility was a tough rock towards its competitive businesses.


To uphold the idea of digital transaction and make it regional was the sole motive and with this the idea of Paytm was found. It is a payment gateway that allows users and businesses to make payments. After December 2016 Demonetization, many companies fall on foreground and had a tough time with cash transaction and utilization. To revitalize the transaction and cut down the money laundering issue, the cashless transaction came into force. Paytm is currently available in 11 Indian languages and offers online use-cases like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, travel, movies, and events bookings as well as in-store payments at grocery stores, fruits and vegetable shops, restaurants, parking, tolls, pharmacies and educational institutions with the Paytm QR code. Accessibility is simpler where every age group can use it whenever and wherever they want to. The deal-cracking marketing here is it inculcated the idea of cashless without any faulters and difficulties.


Advertising is a significant part of the marketing, wherein deliberately targeting niche audience and conquer it is the strategy that won many brains. Nykaa is an online store that sells a variety of beauty and health items. Started a decade ago, it is an e-commerce-based company. Stepped into competitive market where international brands already had a name, Nykaa had an innovative approach. It targeted a certain gender and claim to have variety and complete package with just one click. Goodwill increased through collaborating with Bollywood actresses build a trust among the users. Besides having a huge competition, it builds a firm place on online market and traditional market as they launched their shops across India and introduce many diverse products for men as well. At the time of pandemic, they transported beauty essentials and hygiene essentials too.


Hungry order from Swiggy, it is an on-demand meal delivery service that delivers food from local fast-food shops to clients' doorsteps. The basic ideology behind this company was to provide service worth remembering for. Swiggy that started in 2014, is an 8-year-old e-commerce-based company wherein the x-factor to it is that it advertises itself as a mode of fasted delivery commodity. Also, the fact that it is easy to use and reach is phenomenally broad clients from any place can order their favourite cuisine, dish, beverages from their favourite fast food or 5-star restaurants and get their food at their doorstep in few minutes or so. Apparently, you can order your groceries and they deliver home-made food too. Live tracking and discounts were the famous eye-catchers.

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4 things that can buildout your individuality. ?

The power of moulding one's thought, is a journey on its own. We often find ourselves in a loop. Often called as routine or a paradox. Where we often tend to develop a sense of perception to each

every common theory that is happening on daily basis. So, how to develop individual characteristics and how to explore one's identity even on hectic days. Here are some minimalistic solutions and approach for you to adapt on daily basis. When you develop a sense of rigidity in your thinking process then it is quite difficult to guard it from polluted thoughts and assumptions. In order to fade that process, develop it with gaining interest in intricate activities which pushes you to think in a certain way.

1. A Quarter for self-talk.
Thoughts do imitate our actions. Basically, if you experience yourself in a situation where you claim to have low confidence and always find yourself surrounded in anxious mode that you should give 15 minutes daily to your own self. Have a meaningful conversation with yourself by simply knowing what the soul claims to achieve. During this hefty routine we tend to forget what our brain really asks for.
2.Gain Bookish Knowledge.
In the era of technology, the solution for complexity is to gain knowledge from books. Books that change and mould your thoughts in a certain way. Its difficult to concentrate at the initial stage for an anxious mind. But, to challenge and uplift your thought process to a notch up is the actual gain at the end of the day. You will come across many experiences which in future will help you to conquer similar-based situations.
3.Indulge In physic.
Time-bound activity that leads to physical movement can enhance the process and you will experience a growth by achieving positive thinking. At equal stance when you give time to yourself without any technology and zero human interaction. Find yourself in your own box then your brain claims to have contemplated thinking and eventually you start rationalising each and every move.
4.Spend more.
We always here about how savings functions and also are aware about its merits. But spend in individual investments. I'll explain. Transfer your savings ideology into future growth by spending money on different course or activities. That will enhance two things. First, your perception will explore the new beginnings that you are actually good at. Second, that skill in future will provide its interest. Facts and experience are directly proportional. To develop a thought process where you have the control for and not the other way around can be achieved through these minimal yet significant steps.
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An overview of digital services.

A human being with the daily adaptation of the constantly changing environment is always one step closer to success. the million pixels is the one that will give you and your business a digitally upgrade creation and transformation of your social media base whether you have a hand in this field or not.

Every business whether be it an international one or a small cottage can build your image on daily basis and create a whole new identity. an identity worth living for! Do you ever impulse to have a strong base of clients. A human being with the daily adaptation of the constantly changing environment is always one step closer to success. the million pixels is the one that will give you and your business a digitally upgrade creation and transformation of your social media base whether you have a hand in this field or not. Every business whether be it an international one or a small cottage can build your image on daily basis and create a whole new identity. an identity worth living for!
Do you ever impulse to have a strong base of clients but don’t know how to reach their current needs and desires that they hold from your company? then my friend you surely need a marketing agency that understands your norms and increases the level of trust with its strategies among the clients. so, what exactly this agency provides to the companies out there. a content writer for your marketing and brand awareness.
Corporate gifting enhances your companies values and follows the tradition totally in a new different pathway. will organize promotional events for those who like your products or services. a website is the digital backbone of an organization and software development can up your game in this rapid cooperate upliftment. so, The milion pixel can provide you with not only the best but a daily updated version of the digitally inclined field. do you want to give thousands of hours and lakhs of unlimited resources into building your companies brand? no right! We got the exact resources, apt technology, digitally literate companions, and many original and artistic design and ideas for building a strong base of promising clients and ultimately the brand.
Social media is that underrated yet swiftly emerging platform for those millennials to upgrade and showcase their capabilities. this platform gives you loads but for that, we have to build a strapping base and that will be provided by us. so, if your company falls out of this social media genre, no worries we got you covered. and for those who are professionals such as doctor-lawyers or even an engineer for that matter, we will secure your place on social media via Facebook and Instagram and conquer a rigid base through social media marketing.