What is Corporate Events ?

Corporate events are the place where you might as well resolve old feuds and make peace. Corporate events act as opportunities for employees to relax and build relationships with colleagues. Even the smallest event can have a huge impact on the morale of the employees.

What is the benefit of the event to the organization

In addition to developing a connection with your organization, people attending your events can build relationships with each other and strengthen the community. There's power in attending an event and seeing other people who support the same cause, follow the same blog, or support a local team.

  • Generate awarenesss
  • Hosting events helps your brand gain exposure
  • Build brand equity
  • Interact with your customers
  • Expand your reach.
  • Drive revenue.

Breaking all the patriarchal norms, The Milion Pixel successfully celebrated the journey of our young and self-driven women entrepreneurs on woman’s day. The event was held on 8th March 2021. On this auspicious day, the event started with an interactive session were every speaker interpreted their business strategies and depicted the importance of work life balance system. Where every skin got goosebumps, the session itself was worth listening for. Followed by the introductory financial talks of every woman in the industry ranging from founders, investors, bankers to start-up entrepreneur’s and technology experts. Every speech concluded, had an emphasis mainly on breaking the norms and societal certain conditions that they hold regarding women.

The basic need for educating the right seed of sincerity and upliftment into the younger generation and working women was fulfilled with every inspiring and motivating journeys. The rightful need for raising self-worth and leadership mindsets was impeccably presented by the speakers in the command the room and influence segment. This platform most certainly provided a networking bridge between Self-reliant corporate women entrepreneurs and cottage and small household business owners where the nature of the business was diverse. Where the panel was filled with intellectuals and strong-headed women.
Where the idea of women being the miss-represented gender in public and private sector leadership roles, absence of women brainstorming at major fintech dominant sector were under discussion and got its conclusion.

Every mind in the auditorium felt a certain need and raise together the idea of not just encouraging women but giving them the equal platform and free spirit upliftment in every 'male-dominant' field. A major vote of thanks to our promising sponsor for this event. Who really filled the day with success and enlightenment. The Million Pixel received huge satisfaction in terms media, registration, acknowledgement and so on. Where the event was broadcasted on renown news channel called ZEE News. .