Digital Marketing

What is a digital marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Is The Use Of The Internet, Mobile Devices, Social Media, Search Engines, And Other Channels To Reach Consumers.Some Marketing, Experts Consider Digital Marketing To Be An Entirely New Endeavor That Requires A New Way Of Approaching Customers And New Ways Of Understanding How Customers Behave Compared To Traditional Marketing.

The Milion Pixel offers a vast range of creative services designed to help your business stand out of an overly crowded marketplace. From bespoke web design, ingenious SEO right through to captivating graphic design, we cover all aspects of digital marketing under one roof.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

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  • Content

    Content Marketing

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  • Pay Per

    Pay Per Click

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

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  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

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  • Video Promotion

    Video Promotion

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  • Media Strategy and Planning


    Media Strategy and Planning

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  • Online

    Online Reputation Management

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  • Influencer


    Influencer Marketing

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  • Seo Stratagy that is world class.

    What Is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . SEO is the process of taking steps to help a website or content rank higher on Google.

    The main difference between SEO and paid advertising is that SEO involves “organic” ranking, which means you can enter the field without paying. More simply, SEO means acquiring a piece of online content and optimizing it so that when someone searches for something, search engines like Google will display it at the top of the page.


    Send Your Brand Message To Billions Of People.

    Social media marketing is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Milion Pixel has helped many companies establish effective social media management strategies. The success of social media depends largely on the participation of the audience.

    To achieve a high level of participation, we recommend that companies maintain continuous interaction with their followers on all major platforms. Publishing compelling content is also an important part of social media strategy.


    What we can do in SMM.

    Increase Brand Awareness.

    Boost Website Traffic.

    Faster and Easier Content Distribution.

    Regular Interaction with the Target Audience.

    Industry , Marketplace and Competitor insights.

    Generat & Nurture High Quality Leads

    Why Is PPC Important In Marketing?

    You probably know how search engine works and how SEO can help you and your website for updating the procedure which help you get a better ranking where the keywords you want to optimise can be facing some really tough competition. You are simply unable to make it to the top results or you can just use PPC. Basically, even if your SEO which is search engine optimisation and SCO which is search channel optimisation is not strong enough your link can appear on the search results page thanks to PPC ads For that, you only pay per click .

    This form of advertisement is very effective. So, when you think about it, the people who are interested in your offer will click on the add and you only pay for this relevant visitor’s. Now you can manage the PPC and get more customers but here is the tricky part.

    paid advertising

    Do you really know what keywords are used to optimise the campaign or when to start it?

    Do you know how much money to invest?

    Do you actually get results out of it or not?

    So, here we come to help you in your PPC strategy which does not only involve keyword research scheduling and budgeting but we can also help you with the right add text landing word-of-mouth pages and the overall settings and other reason for hiring us is that we constantly track analyse and evaluate all active campaigns to refine and improve the results. So, get in touch and start your first PPC campaign today.

    What Is Content Writing?

    While the world is swiftly emerging its interest towards digital marketing, A content creator can be a mirror for your company to the huge readers and spectators out there and can relate highly with the services or product that you purpose to display. posts and articles, video and podcast scripts, and platform-specific content, such as a tweet storm on Twitter or a text post on Reddit.

    Content authoring is the process of planning, authoring, and editing web content , usually for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, video and podcast scripts, and platform-specific content, such as a tweet storm on Twitter or a text post on Reddit.

    content writing
    content writing

    Why Is correct Content writing is important?

    When most people hear “content writing,” they think of “writing articles.” However, writing content is not only important for blog posts. In fact, content writing is important for all types of different content formats, including:

    Video script

    Email newsletter

    Keynote Speech

    Social media posts

    White paper

    Web page copy

    Landing page

    YouTube video description.

    How To Plan An Email Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

    We believe that email marketing is the marketing tool that provides small businesses a scope of development in certain units which will provide them with increase audiences, build relationships, and convert subscribers into customers.

    The Million Pixel will provide you with niche audience contact list for email marketing for those who rely on traditional electronic media where the promotional updated vocab-built emails can enhance your company's marketing Outlook

    email marketing

    What Is Video Promotion

    A promotional video is a marketing video designed to promote your products, services, events, and sales to consumers. Most video content is promotional video to some extent because you are trying to attract your target audience and get them to make a promise to you.

    A promotional video for your product or even a service for that matter can drive huge attention and promote it in a very will developed manner. which will provide you with the transformation of a company's ideas to the world out there.

    Merits such as deep connectivity with target audience , renown identity, digital update formulation can be experience through video promotion or promotional video.

    video promotions