15th April 2022 | Friday

About Event

The essence of fearless Women is from within as the pathway is unique in its own way , Let's celebrate the individuality for the Change is Today !

Breaking all the patriarchal norms, The Milion Pixel successfully celebrated the journey of our young and self-driven women entrepreneurs. It received a huge satisfaction in terms of media, registrations, acknowledgement and so on. This platform most certainly provided a networking bridge between Self-reliant corporate women entrepreneurs and small household business owners where the nature of the business was diverse. The event was broadcasted on renown news channel called ZEE Business.

In the rightful series of I’M A STORY, we blissfully announce our 2.0, A Series where we have contemplated to provide a networking platform to all the dignitaries who choose to break the patriarchal norms with a step ahead formula. Where we are inviting inspiring self-driven personalities who have achieved a sense of individuality with regards to their profession. Sharing their half years with the audience and immensely thriving to a single most significant cause which is women in power. The dignitaries would then be precisely awarded for their credibility and quirky interpretation where they build a very firm seed of self-sufficient nature in the upcoming generation too. Where, the event is yet to be discovered as we take immense pride to declare the ministries panel. Where the touch of patriotism is achieved. Each state will depict their position in terms of women development. The position worth living for !! We as the event upholder would also have a retrospective exhibition that would be active throughout the event.

Event Flow

12.30 PM


1.45 PM

Inauguration & Introduction

2.00 PM

Selfmade Success Story

Breaking the pathway, it’s time to celebrate the inspiring expedition of Businesswomen.Where the Entrepreneurs would develop a sense of consciousness by elaborating more on their business outlook and primarily discuss their journey on how they started and what made them Firm in business criteria.

3.30 PM


4.00 PM

Torch bearers of Women Development

Our warm salutation to the ministry panel. Where the panel is filled with great sense of sincerity, The occupation that each one of them upholds would be illustrated by depicting their position mainly in terms of women development.

6.15 PM


Young women with a perfect seed of self-driven identity sharing their professional journey and letting all the people in the room know about their capabilities. Where each profession is unique in its own way, we as an event upholder would oblige to greet them with our awards.

8.00 PM

Networking & Dining


v-expo logo

About V-Expo

The exhibition mainly provides an equal platform for our inspiring women entrepreneurs to showcase their product and service and develop a huge networking bond for their innovative start-up and business ideas. we as event upholder would likely provide a hill road for emerging business women and give them a heads up through this event by providing a public display.

An Equal platform for all the young achievers in order to know their target audience and get to know their audience face-to-face. Which in further would help them to create a base brand by developing their votership. The availability of clientele and networking through word-of-mouth will uplift. The basic thought-process for this display is mainly to promote their product/service brand and promising customer review on the spot.


  • Promote Product/ Services
  • Networking
  • Brand Awarness
  • Business Lead
  • Meet Investors
  • social media exposure
  • Frenchise Oppertunity
  • Worldwide Attention


  • Floored Carpet
  • Fabricated Stall
  • Exhibitors Name on Facia
  • One Laminated Table
  • Two Chair
  • Three Spot Light
  • Meal Box
  • One 5 Amp. Plug Socket

Venue Details

Venue At

Novotel Hotel

Balraj Sahani Marg, Juhu Beach, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049.


15th April 2022


Doors Open at 12:30 PM