The Million Pixel is an agency with the idea of creating and building standardized digital expertise with immense research and greater amount of credibility.


Woodpecker the spirit animal, when it comes knocking it seeks passion in finding the truth. This symbolism encourages us to be innovative, creative and to shield those who are frail to protect themselves. This meaning of woodpecker can help us to be more open to changes and opportunities and invite more luck into your life. There is more to a woodpecker then just a bird peaking holes on a tree, so make sure that you are ready to let this bird i.e. us THE MILION PIXEL to knock your door.

Let’s Meet our Founders

Bhargav Doshi


Ravi Shah


our TEam

Vinita Rane

Web Developer

Kashish Jain

Media Strategist

Anstan Dcruz

Media Strategist

Siddhesh Birhade

Graphic Designer

Karan Solanki

Graphic Designer

Kimaya Raikar

Graphic Designer


The Milion Pixel is a team of experienced innovative marketing bees. Our specialty lies from planning to execution of marketing plans. We cater our clients to solve their marketing issue from identifying market opportunity, Market strategies, Brand strategies, Events and Digital marketing. Our main aim is to keep brand, product or services intact while giving the user an ultimate experience of cutting- edge technology, our only objective is creating solutions that offer maximum output at a minimum cost . We not only give advice but also mentor and support our clients in implementing recommended strategies to get the desired results..

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